Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notes: "21st Century Collage"


ref. Ernst, Dada, surealism, post-modernism




Saturday, August 9, 2008

Notes on Masques

Masques, masquerade is something that appeals to all on some deeper psychological levels. The process of making one, is of itself an indescribable feeling of mixed emotions, thoughts, lost memories, random associations, suggestions of lost reveries, sexual urges, darker dreams; and all this long before it is displayed, or worn, as many have been.

The transition of masque for display as an end-game creation suddenly leaps into this strange juncture when, decidedly it may also be as performance to be captured on film (for documentation purposes), and the effects of these "things' brought to bear upon the wearer, can be startling in their results. I can tell you of many interesting reactions encouraged by the wearing of a masque. Something about what is covering the face or the mere fact that the face has some coverage does create an emotional "armor" of sorts but the range of reaction and display of emotion/physicality seems to spring from the wearer being completely aware of the "item" of choice upon their face. Therein seems to suggest the key to dreams.